Texturing metal surface with MHz ultra-short laser pulses

Results of the work in the Laser4Fun project has been published as:

Fotis Fraggelakis, Girolamo Mincuzzi, John Lopez, Inka Manek-Hönninger, and Rainer Kling. Texturing metal surface with MHz ultra-short laser pulses. Optics Express 25(15), pp. 18131-18139, 2017


We show, for the first time to our knowledge, the role the heat accumulation plays on the evolution of ultra-short pulse laser-induced surface structures morphology when varying fluence, the number of scans and the repetition rate from 100 kHz up to 2 MHz. We demonstrate how to tailor the size of micro-spikes from nearly ten microns to several tens of microns by a systematic variation of both fluence and overlap. We believe our results will contribute to an in deep understanding of the mechanisms underlying laser surface structuration at high repetition rates.